Who we are

2 Girls on a swingRehoboth cares for and supports the needs of children and young people in The Philippines. Rehoboth’s vision is to provide a God-loving environment where children and young people are enabled to reach their full potential and are encouraged to develop morally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to become responsible and productive members of their family and society.

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The Rehoboth Childrens Home Trustees

The Rehoboth Childrens Home trust is run by the Board of Trustees in the UK;

  • RCHT TrusteesChair person; Philip Thompson
  • UK Representative; Connie Andrews
  • Treasurer; Rosemary Steen
  • Trustee; Robbie Thomson
  • Trustee; Kathryn Thompson
  • Trustee; Roger Hickling
  • Trustee; Maria George
  • Website; David Rootham
  • Trustee; Graham King

Rehoboth Children’s Home, Inc.

Rehoboth Children’s Home, Inc. has 11 staff and 2 full-time volunteers who work tirelessly to support the needs of the young people at Rehoboth and manage the Home. They are led by Ms. Amelia L. Tuquero, who has been Executive Director of RCHI since 2004. RCHI is supported by a Board of Directors in the Philippines, the Rehoboth Children’s Homes Trust in the United Kingdom, and a number of local and international Networks and Partners.

Rehoboth Staff in the Philippines