What we do

2 Girls from RehobothRehoboth Children’s Home seeks to support disadvantaged children and young people in the Philippines. In some cases we provide residential accommodation at the children’s home. In other cases support is given through the Rehoboth Educational Assistance Programme (REAP) in which we provide the young people with financial assistance while they live either in their local community or, in the case of some of the older college students, in accommodation linked to their college so they learn to live independently.

The needs of each person are assessed and the options are discussed with the family and, where appropriate, Social Services in the Philippines (DSWD). All, whether in REAP or resident, are monitored by Rehoboth staff to ensure appropriate support is being provided. In a number of cases the most appropriate option changes over time and a person may start out as a resident in the home and transfer into REAP and vice versa.