What is the role of a sponsor?

Sponsor a childSponsorship involves praying regularly for a specific individual and emailing or writing to them. Sponsors are encouraged to send birthday and Christmas cards, too. They are asked to contribute regularly, as they feel able, towards the support of the child. Sponsors receive photos and annual progress reports, plus cards/letters three or four times a year.

How much does sponsorship cost?

A sponsorSponsors are not expected to cover the full cost of an individual’s support and many young people have more than one sponsor. The actual costs for each person depend on many factors such as age, level of schooling, transportation costs and whether or not the person is resident at Rehoboth or being supported in the community.

As a guide it costs about £10/month for the education of a child at elementary school, £30/month at high school and £45/month for college. The additional costs of providing accommodation and supervision for children who are resident in the Home are approximately £50/month. Therefore there is no fixed amount and we ask sponsors to give as they are able – some give more than the estimated cost and some less.

For more information please download the sponsorship leaflet.