RCHT newsletter Autumn 2018


The rehoboth children with Pat JacobsSince its beginnings, God has provided Rehoboth with faithful supporters who have prayed, given, sponsored children, and undertaken practical tasks so the work could develop and flourish. One such was Connie’s sister, Pat Jacobs, who died suddenly in early July. Pat was one of the first trustees, acted as sponsorship secretary for many years and was chairman for a while. She visited the Home on a number of occasions, prayed for the children and staff and sponsored various children over the years. The following comments made after her death by two of those she had sponsored show how much she was loved and appreciated. One of the earlier ones, who is now a Social Worker, wrote, ‘I’m one of those who have been blessed to have her (Pat) as my sponsor many years ago. I wouldn’t be where I was today if it weren’t for her’. The girl Pat was sponsoring when she died wrote, ‘I am so thankful and blessed to have Auntie Pat in my life because she’s been so good to me. She never ceases to pray and declare a good and successful future for me.’

We are grateful to all those who continue to support the work of Rehoboth in a variety of ways. You will see from the comments above, and also in the following article, the value of sponsorship in providing a personal contact with a youngster either in the Home or in REAP. You will also read of some of the ongoing aspects of the work of the Home. If you would like to know about what it means to be a sponsor, or to know more about anything to do with the work please get in touch. Our desire is to give these children a real hope for the future.

Philip Thompson (Chair of RCHT)


A rehoboth Student“Education is the key to success” a famous quotation that we know. Yes I believe that it is true. Also for me, ‘People are books’, for me to learn, I need a ‘book’. For me to grow, I need a
‘book’. And for me to succeed, I needed ‘books’. Every ‘book’ has different contents, and as I met people at Rehoboth I began to have ‘books’, which give hope to children, to me, a fire inside me
so that I can reach my dream. They opened up a door and let me witness different stories, I learned from them, and became a better person. They are really ‘books’ with such beautiful
stories, God-written stories, and through them, I got to start dreaming even more. I have also been blessed by God to meet beautiful people through letters sent and to be
sponsored by them in my College studies – to Auntie Jillian and Uncle Steven, with all my heart, I am very thankful, for you became instruments for me to achieve what I have achieved. You’re a precious ‘book’ that I’ll keepforever.

I am who and where I am today because of God, through Rehoboth. To be inspired by them, and now young people were also inspired by me, I am excited that these young people will serve as an inspiration as well to their next generations. I will never forget the joy of being helped by these people, and I desire and pray that more young people will feel that too through me Maraming salamat po. Mabuhay, Rehoboth! (Thank you very much. Long live Rehoboth!)

Cristine Joy, REAP College Graduate, 2018


Mark & Joel vist Rehoboth homesIt was great that my son Joel and I were able to visit in July this year. We have heard much about Rehoboth through Godmanchester Baptist Church where we are involved as a family in the fellowship, so it was great to take the opportunity between Joel’s examinations and him going off to University to visit and see first-hand what God is doing there.
We were really struck by the atmosphere of family with everyone at Rehoboth working hard to make family and living together work. It was a real privilege to be involved in that. We were able to contribute the first week we were there gathering wood and then stacking the chopped wood to be used as fuel for cooking over the coming year. We did have a brief go at using an axe to chop the wood ourselves but
quickly realised that we needed to leave that to the experts!

The second week we were there our work was a little less physical but it was a real privilege to do it. The local school was closed for much of that week due to the volume of rain and so the children remained at home throughout the day. We were able to spend time helping them with their education. I was on maths (right up to what was the equivalent of the first year of maths A level in the English system – I was stretched!). Joel was on reading (revisiting all those exciting books about Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy the dog!).

Mark with a Rehoboth childDevotional times at Rehoboth are real opportunities to both draw closer to each other and, most importantly, to draw near to God. We were really conscious of just how much participation there was by the children in the devotional times. One prayer meeting while we were there was led entirely by the children, with Pastor Juvy just keeping an eye on things. In all the devotional times we participated in we really felt God’s blessing as we worshipped him together and prayed for each other.

A real highlight was the fabulous time we had when we all went on an outing to a swimming pool and recreational
area on the Saturday. My son Joel is a keen swimmer and the swimming races were certainly enjoyed! We appreciated sports activities with the children and young people at other times too. Those we played football with soon picked up the relevant skills and Joel and I just about managed to keep up when it came to basketball! Our Lord Jesus ‘grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men’ (Luke 2 v 52). We were always conscious that the work there helps ensure that the children and young people, both those that live at the Home and the REAP students, have every opportunity to follow the Lord’s example. As the bible verse on the sign outside Rehoboth says ‘Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not turn from it.’ (Proverbs 22 v 6).

I pray that each of the children and young people at Rehoboth, both those residential and the REAP students, may indeed keep to the way that God would have them go throughout their lives, and that all the employees, volunteers and helpers will be guided and equipped as they serve God. Living together as family always has its challenges but Joel and I enjoyed our time immensely being part of the Rehoboth family.

Mark Jordan


For a number of years now we have been looking for the right help to install a solar pump in our eco-learning farm so that we can have easier access to water all year round. Recently we have found a local contact who has developed his own solar pump at his farm and after a visit and discussion, he can come and install one here at Rehoboth with his team of workers. We are planning to do this in October towards the end of the rainy season. Once
this is installed we will be developing a drip irrigation system so that our garden can become more productive throughout the year, providing more homegrown vegetables for use in our meals. We already have the money put aside for the solar pump, which was given to us for this project a few years ago.

We would also like to develop this same use of renewable energy and install some solar panels at the girls’ house so that we can reduce our electricity bills. We plan to use the money raised from our fun run this year towards our solar project but the estimated cost is around £2,000-2,500, so if you are interested in contributing to this new venture please get in contact with us.


We would like to introduce to you two new members of staff at Rehoboth. Fridie Esteban (32) is a former resident of Rehoboth. He joined the Rehoboth family in 1998 and finished his studies in 2007 after completing both elementary and high school and then studying auto-diesel mechanics. After 11 years he has come back to work as a houseparent at the boy’s house but also drives, works in the garden, helps with general maintenance work and, as he has completed some pastoral training, is able to help in that area too. Mary Melody Pableo (32) is a local pastor of the ‘Victorious Church of God’ and started work with us in June. She is married with a daughter who is almost two years old and also comes with pastoral experience and plays the guitar. She is a welcome addition to the boys’ house and is kept busy ensuring that the youngsters keep themselves, their clothes and their rooms clean and tidy!


One of our partner churches has produced a Rehoboth wall calendar for a very reasonable price of £3. They will be available by the end of October and would make a great Christmas gift! If you are interested in having one please contact Barry Douglas 07800 984850 or email info@seatoncommunitychurch.org. All profits from the calendar will be given towards the work of Rehoboth.